How Much Do I Need to Put Down to Lease a Car?

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Conventional car-buying wisdom says that you should always make the biggest down payment possible. That’s always a safe bet if you choose to apply for financing, but how much should you put down on a car lease in Newark? In some circumstances, the smartest move could actually be the smallest down payment! In the guide below, the friendly finance team at Land Rover Wilmington explains the leasing process to help you find the right car lease down payment for your new Land Rover vehicle.

Calculating Lease Payments

Before we consider how much you should put down on a car lease, we’ll take a closer look at how leasing works. Essentially, a lease payment consists of two values: the difference between a vehicle’s selling price and its residual amount. After adding in the money factor (i.e. the interest rate for a lease) and other fees, you have your lease payment total.

So, how much should you put down on a car lease? On average, lease down payments in the Middletown area range from $0 to $3,000. Again, while a larger down payment won’t save you money overall, it will lower the amount you owe each month. Keep in mind that there may be less flexibility with your car lease down payment amount if you take advantage of a special lease offer.

How Much Should You Put Down on a Car Lease?

It’s easy to assume that, as with financing, a larger down payment is helpful when leasing — but that’s not necessarily true. Most people make down payments when financing to access benefits like lower monthly payments and interest. However, you’ll have a different set of concerns when leasing:

  • Monthly Payments: A sizable car lease down payment will reduce your monthly lease amount, but it’s unlikely to save you money in the long run, thanks to the lower money factor — and thus lower interest rates — on a lease.
  • Interest: Where there’s a low money factor, there are lower interest rates. A bigger down payment won’t get you a lower money factor, either.
  • The “Upside Down” Trap: Being “upside down” on a lease means still owing on a car that’s been totaled or severely damaged. However, many leases come with gap insurance, which covers the gap if you end up owing more than your car is worth.
  • Approval: If you have a good credit score, a large down payment won’t be necessary in order to access the best rates.

What Difference Does a Lease Down Payment Make?

To determine an appropriate car lease down payment, get in touch with your local Land Rover dealership and follow these steps:

  1. Ask for a price quote on your lease both with and without a down payment. Then compare the total amount you’d owe over the course of the lease.
  2. To calculate the amount, multiply the monthly payment by the total number of payments. Add the resulting amount to the down payment amount. Remember to include all startup costs.
  3. Decide whether a lower overall total or lower monthly payments is better for your finances.

Get Expert Auto Financing Advice at Land Rover Wilmington

Questions about how much you should put down on a car lease? Contact our finance center for more car-buying tips, or visit us in Wilmington. Try our online payment calculator tool for a quick and accurate monthly payment estimate.

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