What Does "MPG" Mean?

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Many Newark drivers are looking for ways to save money on gas. Whether you’re interested in a new or used vehicle at our Wilmington dealership, you’ll want to know what “mpg” means and what a good mpg rating is to help you get the most out of your vehicle. Learn more below with Land Rover Wilmington, and don’t hesitate to contact our team with any questions.



What is MPG?

So, what is MPG? Miles per gallon is the distance, measured in miles, that a vehicle can travel on a gallon of fuel. If you’re shopping around the Middletown area for your next car or SUV, and excellent fuel efficiency is a high priority, it’s good to know that the higher a vehicle’s mpg, the better its fuel economy is.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the government entity that certifies and classifies a vehicle’s MPG ratings. Because traffic congestion and road conditions affect fuel consumption, it can be difficult to measure. This is why the EPA runs tests on different driving courses, averages the scores, then assigns the rating based on three categories:

  • City MPG: City drivers typically consume more fuel than urban drivers since they stop and start more frequently, and this has to be taken into consideration during scoring.
  • Highway MPG: Highway or rural drivers can often drive for longer periods of time without stopping, which has to be taken into consideration while scoring.
  • Combined MPG: The combined average of highway and city MPG ratings.

How Can I Calculate My Own Vehicle’s Miles Per Gallon

Want to know how to calculate mpg? It’s easy, and you can follow the steps below to determine how many miles per gallon you’re getting:

  1. Fill your tank up with gas and reset your trip odometer.
  2. Drive around West Chester, PA until your gas tank is almost empty.
  3. Take your odometer reading (the number of miles you’ve driven since your last refuel). Divide this number by the total number of gallons it takes to fill your tank up with gas.

Your combined MPG ratings are often the most accurate for West Chester, PA drivers since they spend a lot of time commuting to and from city/suburban areas.

How Can I Reduce My Own Fuel Consumption?

At Land Rover Wilmington, we work hard to offer shoppers a variety of fuel-efficient models for your Wilmington drives. With gas prices rising and drivers looking to save at the gas pump when they can, we’ve outlined the best ways to keep your fuel consumption to a minimum:

  • Switch your driving mode to ECO or ECON mode, if it’s available, to optimize your fuel consumption.
  • Use cruise control to maintain a steady speed on DE highways.
  • Use the recommended fuel for your vehicle.
  • Schedule service appointments on a routine basis as recommended by your manufacturer.
  • Plan longer distance journeys in advance to avoid wasting gas backtracking, missing exits, etc.

Find Your Next Vehicle at Land Rover Wilmington!

Now that you know what mpg means and how to calculate mpg, we want to help you find the fuel-efficient vehicle right for your lifestyle. Get more financing and leasing tips and learn more about the luxury Land Rover brand. Then, explore our new inventory and apply for financing to see if you qualify in minutes. Contact us today to get things started!


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