When was Land Rover Founded?

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Land Rover fans in Newark know that the brand has a long, storied history rooted in British military vehicles. But can they answer the question, “When was Land Rover founded?” If not, Land Rover Wilmington is here to help! Whether you’re a fan of the classic Range Rover for off-roading near Middletown or the small and sleek brand-new Range Rover Velar for evenings on the town in West Chester, PA, learn more about the history of Land Rover, starting with when Land Rover was founded.

Land Rover History: When was Land Rover Founded?

In 1930 an automotive and aeronautical engineer from Hampshire, England named Maurice Wilks started with the Rover Company as Chief Engineer. In 1932 his brother Spencer became Managing Director of the company. But as World War II loomed, they shifted their focus from cars to building gas turbine engines for aircraft.

In 1947, the brothers introduced the prototype Land Rover. They’d been tinkering with an army surplus jeep in an attempt to turn it into a four-wheel-drive vehicle for farmworkers. They called it a Land Rover, and their experiments led to the commercial Land Rover prototype. It was built on a Jeep chassis and painted ashy green with surplus military paint. The Rover Company ordered 50 models for evaluation, and the company unveiled the Land Rover at the 1948 Amsterdam Motor Show.

Land Rover History: Ownership Timeline

Knowing when Land Rover was founded is the tip of the iceberg. Through Land Rover’s history, the company has changed hands as its grown and debuted new vehicles. Here’s a sample of some Land Rover’s historical highlights:

  • 1967 – Leyland Motors, LT, acquired the Rover Company.
  • 1970 – The Range Rover makes its debut on the sales floor, becoming the most popular Rover model.
  • 1987 – The company begins U.S. sales.
  • 1994 – BMW purchases Land Rover.
  • 2000 – Ford Motor Company purchases Land Rover.
  • 2007 – Jaguar and Land Rover are combined in a single company under the Indian-owned Tata Motors.

Drive a Piece of History with Land Rover Wilmington

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