Range Rover Allows Adventure Photographer to Traipse Through Uncharted Territory

August 22nd, 2017 by

Years ago, the founder of Magnum Photos, George Rodger, drove a Land Rover 8,000 miles in the Sahara Desert to release his “Ultimate Photos” Collection. Today, photographer Michael Christopher Brown is creating a second “Ultimate Photos” Collection.

Range Rover and Magnum Photos: A Second Partnership

Though this is the second time that Land Rover and Magnum photos are partnering with each other to showcase the offroad capabilities of Land Rover SUVs, Range Rover pioneered the Range Rover SUV long ago. For nearly fifty years, it has been producing capable, rugged premium-SUVs.

In this new photographic odyssey, Michael Brows was able to drive through Chuckanut Drive (Highway 11) and rocky Cap Sante, snowy Mount Saint Helen, and more. Brown believes the Range Rover made the trip much more pleasant. “The Range Rover was a great vehicle for this trip,” he said, also asserting that it was “superb at getting us to places I woldn’t normally be able to reach by using its off-road technology.”

To find out more about the Range Rover luxury SUV’s capabilities and offroad prowess, call us at Land Rover Wilmington. Our phone number is (888) 254-1965, but feel free to reach out online as well.

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