Sure Signs That Your Brakes Need Servicing

September 25th, 2017 by

There are two ways for people to check for wear and tear of their brakes: by listening and looking. It is easy to look at the rotor’s condition through the wheel spokes. There should be about 1/4 inches on the pad. The following are sure indications that brakes need servicing.

  1. The car will pull to the left or right while braking with worn pads, if there is foreign matter in the brake fluid, or if the brake lines are wearing.
  2. Another sign brakes may need servicing is if there is little responsiveness when braking. A sure sign is if the pedal sinks to the floor. There may be a leak in a brake line, an air leak in the brake hose, or low brake fluid. Check for brake fluid on the ground after parking the car.
  3. Warped rotors could be the cause of pulsations when braking. If your brakes seem to be functioning less than 100 percent, call and set an appointment at our dealership today.

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