When Will There Be an All-Electric Land Rover Vehicle?

July 3rd, 2022 by

2022 Range Rover PHEV Charging

Electric is the future of automobiles, and more and more Wilmington drivers are turning away from gas-powered automobiles to electric vehicles. Does Land Rover make an electric car? In fact, very soon there will be six Land Rover EV models, starting with the 2024 Range Rover Electric. Here, Land Rover Wilmington takes a look at the upcoming Land Rover electric vehicles, as well as the current lineup of available Land Rover PHEV models.

Does Land Rover Make an Electric Car Now?

It’s nice that these electric vehicles are coming soon, but does Land Rover make an electric car that can be driven on our Newark roads now? While the Land Rover EV models don’t start arriving until the 2024 model year, there is currently an impressive line of Land Rover PHEV models and there is an MHEV version of just about every Land Rover SUV. What is an MHEV and PHEV? Keep reading.

What’s the Difference Between Land Rover PHEV Models and MHEVs?

It’s not hard to get confused by all of the terms used to describe electrified vehicles, like “EV,” “PHEV,” and “MHEV.” What are the differences between all of these types of vehicles? Here’s a breakdown:

  • Full Electric or “EV” – These vehicles run solely on electricity and use no gas. They do need to be charged.
  • PHEV – Stands for “Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle.” These vehicles have both a gas engine and electric motor. They do need to be plugged in for the electric motor to charge. They do use gas, but significantly less than MHEVs and cars that are not electrified.
  • MHEV – Stands for “Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle.” These vehicles also have both a gas engine and electric motor, the difference being that a MHEV does not have to be plugged in. The electric motor is charged by the gas engine. They use less gas than non-electrified cars.

Land Rover Electric Models – Current and Upcoming

Here’s a list of upcoming Land Rover electric vehicles, as well as some PHEV and MHEV models you can pick up today for your Middletown commute:

Future Land Rover EV Models

  • 2024 Range Rover EV
  • Range Rover Sport EV
  • Land Rover Defender EV
  • Land Rover Discovery EV

Current Land Rover PHEV Models

  • Range Rover PHEV
  • Ranger Rover Sport PHEV
  • Range Rover Velar PHEV
  • Range Rover Evoque PHEV
  • Discovery Sport PHEV
  • Defender PHEV

Current Land Rover MHEV Models

  • Range Rover MHEV
  • Ranger Rover Sport MHEV
  • Range Rover Velar MHEV
  • Range Rover Evoque MHEV
  • Discovery MHEV
  • Discovery Sport MHEV
  • Defender MHEV

Learn More About Land Rover EVs, MHEVs & PHEVs at Land Rover Wilmington

Are you ready to take one of the current Land Rover PHEV models home? Let us help you with that! Why not come see them for yourself in our Wilmington Land Rover showroom? And, if you’d like to learn more, check out our comparison of hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Remember, we’re only a short trip away from West Chester, PA. So visit us or give us a call today!


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